Section Officers (Commercial Audit) Exam June 2005

1.            Who is considered as the greatest of all the Vijayanagar
               (a)          Krishnadeva Raya
               (b)          Vira Narasimha
               (c)           Sadasiva Raya
               (d)          Rama Raya
               Ans:        ( a )        Krishnadeva Raya
2.            Which was the only Indus site with an artificial brick
               (a)          Lothal
               (b)          Kalibangan
               (c)           Harappa
               (d)          Mohenjo-Daro
               Ans:        ( a )        Lothal
3.            The American Civil War saw the end of
               (a)          Slavery
               (b)          Landlordism
               (c)           Monarchy
               (d)          Apartheid
               Ans:        ( a )        Slavery
4.            Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox? during
the Second World War?
               (a)          Goebbels
               (b)          Goering
               (c)           Rommel
               (d)          Himler
               Ans:        ( c )         Rommel
5.            Leonardo da Vinci represented the age of
               (a)          Reformation
               (b)          Renaissance
               (c)           Communism
               (d)          Industrial Revolution
               Ans:        ( b )        Renaissance
6.            ?Anti Semitism? to Adolf Hitler meant
               (a)          Anti Black policy
               (b)          Anti Jewish policy
               (c)           Anti Protestant policy
               (d)          Anti German policy
               Ans:        ( b )        Anti Jewish policy
7.            With whom is ?Junagarh Rock Inscription? associated?
               (a)          Rudradaman
               (b)          Bimbisara
               (c)           Chandragupta II
               (d)          Gautamiputra Satakarni
               Ans:        ( a )        Rudradaman
8.            Nalanda University was a great center of learning,
especially in
               (a)          Buddhism
               (b)          Jainism
               (c)           Vaishnavism
               (d)          Tantra
               Ans:        ( a )        Buddhism
9.            ?Lakh Baksh? was a title given to the ruler
               (a)          Iltutmish
               (b)          Balban
               (c)           Raziya
               (d)          Qutub-ud-din aibak
               Ans:        ( d )        Qutub-ud-din aibak
10.          The Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built during the reig of the
               (a)          Palas
               (b)          Cholas
               (c)           Rashtrakutas
               (d)          Pallavas
               Ans:        ( d )        Pallavas
11.          The Ahmedabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was directed against
               (a)          British mill owners and Government officials
               (b)          Indian mill owners and non-government officials
               (c)           British non-government officials
               (d)          Indian government officials
               Ans:        ( a )        British mill owners and Government officials
12.          The former princely state Nahan is part of which State now?
               (a)          Punjab
               (b)          Haryana
               (c)           Uttaranchal
               (d)          Himahcal Pradesh
               Ans:        ( d )        Himahcal Pradesh
13.          D-Day is the day when
               (a)          Germany declared war on Britain
               (b)          The US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima
               (c)           Allied troops landed in Normandy
               (d)          Germany surrendered to the allies
               Ans:        ( c )         Allied troops landed in Normandy
14.          Who wrote ?Sarforoshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamaare Dil Mein Hai??
               (a)          Mohammed Iqbal
               (b)          Ramprasad Bismil
               (c)           Kazi Nazrul Islam
               (d)          Firaq Gorakhpuri
               Ans:        ( b )        Ramprasad Bismil
15.          Who wrote the play ?Uttararamacharita??
               (a)          Harsha
               (b)          Tulsidas
               (c)           Bhavabhuti
               (d)          Sudraka
               Ans:        ( c )         Bhavabhuti
16.          Who is hailed as the ?God of Medicine? by the
practitioners of Ayurveda?
               (a)          Susruta
               (b)          Chayavana
               (c)           Dhanwantari
               (d)          Charaka
               Ans:        ( c )         Dhanwantari
17.          In greek mythology, Apollo is the god of what ?
               (a)          Prophecy
               (b)          Medicine
               (c)           Love
               (d)          Peace
               Ans:        ( a )        Prophecy
18.          Where is the objective of ?Social justice? articulated
in the Constitution of India?
               (a)          Art. 14
               (b)          Art. 16
               (c)           Art. 15
               (d)          Preamble
               Ans:        ( c )         Art. 15
19.          Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts can be
removed by
               (a)          The President
               (b)          Parliament
               (c)           Union Council of Members
               (d)          Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
               Ans:        ( a )        The President
20.          On what basis has representation been accorded to the
States in Rajya Sabha?
               (a)          Parity of all the States
               (b)          On the basis of population
               (c)           On the basis of the stage of development of a State
               (d)          On the basis of population-cum-development
               Ans:        ( b )        On the basis of population
21.          Which of the following ?writs? of the High Court or the
Supreme Court is sought to produce in the court a person,
suspected to e missing/in custody?
               (a)          Mandamus
               (b)          Quo Warranto
               (c)           Habeas Corpus
               (d)          Certiorari
               Ans:        ( c )         Habeas Corpus
22.          What is the motto inscribed under our national emblem?
               (a)          Satyam, Shivam
               (b)          Satyam, Sarvatra, Sundaram
               (c)           Satyameva Jayate
               (d)          Jai Hind
               Ans:        ( c )         Satyameva Jayate
23.          Who is competent to dissolve the Parliament?
               (a)          The President
               (b)          The Cabinet with the concurrence of the Leader of the
               (c)           By resolution in both Houses of Parliament
               (d)          None
               Ans:        ( d )        None
24.          According to the UN convention on the rights of the
child which of the following is not a right ?
               (a)          Safe drinking water
               (b)          Adequate standard of living
               (c)           Education
               (d)          Employment
               Ans:        ( d )        Employment
25.          Who is ?Amicus Curiae? ?
               (a)          A counsel for an intervenor in litigation
               (b)          A friend of the court
               (c)           The Public interest litigant
               (d)          The counsel for the respondent
               Ans:        ( b )        A friend of the court
26.          Of the various grounds below, which is the one criterion
on which discrimination by the State is not prohibited in
Art. 15 of the Constitution?
               (a)          Place of Birth
               (b)          Race
               (c)           Language
               (d)          Caste
               Ans:        ( c )         Language
27.          Who is responsible to collect the service tax?
               (a)          Income Tax Department
               (b)          Central Excise Department
               (c)           Commercial Tax Department of the State/UT
               (d)          Postal Department
               Ans:        ( b )        Central Excise Department
28.          The basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and
stock markets lies with the
               (a)          Government of India
               (b)          Reserve Bank of India
               (c)           SEBI
               (d)          Stock Exchanges
               Ans:        ( c )         SEBI
29.          Which of the following can be used for checking
inflation temporarily ?
               (a)          Increase in wages
               (b)          Decrease in money supply
               (c)           Decrease in taxes
               (d)          None of these
               Ans:        ( b )        Decrease in money supply
30.          The long term fiscal policy proposes to maintain the
stability of
               (a)          Direct tax rates
               (b)          Indirect tax rates
               (c)           Ratio of tax revenue to national income
               (d)          Ratio of direct tax revenue to revenue from indirect taxes
               Ans:        ( ? )        
31.          Main bearers of the burden of indirect tax are
               (a)          Manufactures
               (b)          Traders
               (c)           Consumers
               (d)          Tax payers
               Ans:        ( c )         Consumers
32.          A commercial bank law creates credit only if it has
               (a)          Cash in the vault
               (b)          Excess reserves
               (c)           Permission of Reserve Bank
               (d)          Cooperation of other banks
               Ans:        ( c )         Permission of Reserve Bank
33.          Investment and savings are kept equal through a change
in the level of
               (a)          Consumption
               (b)          Investment
               (c)           Government expenditure
               (d)          Income
               Ans:        ( a )        Consumption
34.          Which of the following is no. required while computing
Gross National Product (GNP)?
               (a)          Net foreign investment
               (b)          Private investment
               (c)           Per capita income of citizens
               (d)          Purchase of goods by government
               Ans:        ( c )         Per capita income of citizens
35.          Consumer?s sovereignty means
               (a)          Consumers are free to spend their income as they like
               (b)          Consumers have the power to manage the economy
               (c)           Consumer?s expenditures influence the allocation of
               (d)          Consumer goods are free from government control
               Ans:        ( c )         Consumer?s expenditures influence the allocation
of resources
36.          Secular stagnation refers to
               (a)          A stagnant economy
               (b)          Recurring booms and depressions in the economy
               (c)           Decrease in the marginal rate of growth in successive
               (d)          Fluctuations in autonomous investment
               Ans:        ( b )        Recurring booms and depressions in the economy
37.          The Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is now an
important component of the NCMP, was first introduced in
which State?
               (a)          Kerala
               (b)          Maharashtra
               (c)           Andhra Pradesh
               (d)          West Bengal
               Ans:        ( b )        Maharashtra
38.          Interest on public debt is a part of
               (a)          Transfer payments by the enterprises
               (b)          Transfer payments by the Government
               (c)           National income
               (d)          Interest payments by households
               Ans:        ( b )        Transfer payments by the Government
39.          Identify the Navratna Company in the following:
               (a)          ICICI Bank
               (b)          Infosys
               (c)           HPCL Ltd
               (d)          Air India
               Ans:        ( d )        Air India
40.          The major aim of devaluation is to
               (a)          Encourage imports
               (b)          Encourage exports
               (c)           Encourage both exports and imports
               (d)          Discourage both exports and imports
               Ans:        ( b )        Encourage exports
41.          Which amidst the following is not a gem stone?
               (a)          Cat?s-eye
               (b)          Topaz
               (c)           Opal
               (d)          Pearl
               Ans:        ( c )         Opal
42.          Who propounded the possibility of placing communication
satellites in geosynchronous orbit for the first time?
               (a)          Edwin P. Hubble
               (b)          William Herschel
               (c)           Arthur C. Clarke
               (d)          Pierre Laplace
               Ans:        ( a )        Edwin P. Hubble
43.          In which part of India, canal irrigation system is the
most common?
               (a)          Tamil Nadu
               (b)          Maharashtra
               (c)           Sikkim
               (d)          Uttar Pradesh
               Ans:        ( d )        Uttar Pradesh
44.          Which of the following type of coal has the lowest
proportion of volatile matter?
               (a)          Lignite
               (b)          Peat
               (c)           Bituminous
               (d)          Anthracite
               Ans:        ( d )        Anthracite
45.          Gujarat is the largest produced of salt in India because
               (a)          It has extensive dry coast
               (b)          Its coastal waters are very saline
               (c)           It has extensive shallow seas
               (d)          Besides producing salt from saline water, it has
reserves of rock salt
               Ans:        ( a )        It has extensive dry coast
46.          Which of the following is the main spice producer?
               (a)          Deccan trap
               (b)          Malabar coast
               (c)           Coromandel coast
               (d)          Sunderbans delta
               Ans:        ( c )         Coromandel coast
47.          Which of the following statements is incorrect?
               (a)          Wheat is grown in Punjab
               (b)          Tea is produced in Assam
               (c)           Coffee is grown in Karnataka
               (d)          Saffron is produced in HP
               Ans:        ( d )        Saffron is produced in HP
48.          Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched?
               (a)          Koyna Project      -  Maharashtra
               (b)          Sharavathy Project             -  Karnataka
               (c)           Balimela Project   -  Orissa
               (d)          Sabarigiri Project -  Gujarat
               Ans:        ( d )        Sabarigiri Project -  Gujarat
49.          A person wants to visit the national parks in
Ranthambor, Gir and Bandipur located in three different
States of India.  To which one of the following States he
need not go in this connection?
               (a)          Gujarat
               (b)          Madhya Pradesh
               (c)           Rajasthan
               (d)          Karnataka
               Ans:        ( b )        Madhya Pradesh
50.          Where are the Saltora Ranges located?
               (a)          Ladakh
               (b)          Along the Vindyas
               (c)           Part of the Karakoram Ranges
               (d)          Part of the Western Ghats
               Ans:        ( c )         Part of the Karakoram Ranges
51.          Sardar Sarovar dam is being built on the river
               (a)          Tapti
               (b)          Mahi
               (c)           Chambal
               (d)          Narmada
               Ans:        ( d )        Narmada
52.          Which one of the following types of erosion is
responsible for the formation of Chambal Ravines?
               (a)          Splash
               (b)          Sheel
               (c)           Rill
               (d)          Gully
               Ans:        ( d )        Gully
53.          Which one of the following chemicals is a
neurotransmitter substance?
               (a)          Adrenaline
               (b)          Cortisone
               (c)           Strychnine
               (d)          Insulin
               Ans:        ( a )        Adrenaline
54.          Which of the following is the function of ?Iodised Salt?
in the human body?
               (a)          It helps in checking the cholesterol level in blood
               (b)          It controls the functions of the thyroid glands
               (c)           It makes the body immune to viral diseases
               (d)          It slows down the ageing process
               Ans:        ( b )        It controls the functions of the thyroid glands
55.          Which of the following vegetable oils does not contain
essential fatty acids?
               (a)          Sunflower oil
               (b)          Mustard oil
               (c)           Coconut oil
               (d)          Groundnut oil
               Ans:        ( c )         Coconut oil
56.          Pregnant women usually become deficient in
               (a)          Sodium and calcium
               (b)          Iron and sodium
               (c)           Calcium and iron
               (d)          Magnesium and iron
               Ans:        ( c )         Calcium and iron
57.          Which components of light are absorbed by chlorophyll?
               (a)          Violet and red
               (b)          Indigo and orange
               (c)           Blue and red
               (d)          Violet and yellow
               Ans:        ( c )         Blue and red
58.          Ginger is a stem and not a root because
               (a)          It stores food material
               (b)          It grows horizontally in the soil
               (c)           It has nodes and internodes
               (d)          It lacks chlorophyll
               Ans:        ( c )         It has nodes and internodes
59.          Eyes of potato are useful for
               (a)          Nutrition
               (b)          Respiration
               (c)           Reproduction
               (d)          Vegetative propagation
               Ans:        ( d )        Vegetative propagation
60.          Taenia solium (Tape worm) lives as a parasite in
               (a)          Pig
               (b)          Abdomen of man/woman
               (c)           Intestine of man/woman
               (d)          Liver of man/woman
               Ans:        ( c )         Intestine of man/woman
61.          An ant can see the objects all around it due to the
presence of
               (a)          Simple eyes
               (b)          Eyes over the head
               (c)           Well-developed eyes
               (d)          Compound eyes
               Ans:        ( d )        Compound eyes
62.          What is the approximate time required for a heart-beat?
               (a)          0.5 second
               (b)          0.8 second
               (c)           0.5 minute
               (d)          1.0 minute
               Ans:        ( b )        0.8 second
63.          Which from the following is not a gland?
               (a)          Stomach
               (b)          Liver
               (c)           Kidney
               (d)          Pancreas
               Ans:        ( a )        Stomach
64.          The energy emitted by the Sun is due to
               (a)          Chemical reaction
               (b)          Nuclear fission
               (c)           Nuclear fusion
               (d)          All the above
               Ans:        ( c )         Nuclear fusion
65.          The animal which uses sounds as its ?eyes? is
               (a)          Dog
               (b)          Cat
               (c)           Snake
               (d)          Bat
               Ans:        ( d )        Bat
66.          The sky appears blue because of
               (a)          Atmospheric water vapour
               (b)          Scattering of light
               (c)           Reflection on sea water
               (d)          Emission of blue wavelength by the sun
               Ans:        ( b )        Scattering of light
67.          Dynamo is a device for converting
               (a)          Heat energy into electrical energy
               (b)          Mechanical energy into electrical energy
               (c)           Magnetic energy into electrical energy
               (d)          Chemical energy into electrical energy
               Ans:        ( b )        Mechanical energy into electrical energy
68.          What is the chemical name for ?Baking Soda??
               (a)          Sodium carbonate
               (b)          Sodium bicarbonate
               (c)           Sodium nitrite
               (d)          Sodium nitrate
               Ans:        ( b )        Sodium bicarbonate
69.          The working of the quarts crystal in the watch is based on
               (a)          Johnson effect
               (b)          Photoelectric effect
               (c)           Edison effect
               (d)          Piezo electric effect
               Ans:        ( d )        Piezo electric effect
70.          Why does a big fire in the open appear to be fanned by
strong winds?
               (a)          Because of constant circulation of winds over and
across the fire
               (b)          Because of the dust particles carried by the wind
               (c)           Because the surrounding heated air rises and cool air
rushes in to create a fanning effect
               (d)          None of these
               Ans:        ( c )         Because the surrounding heated air rises and
cool air rushes in to create a fanning effect
71.          Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because
               (a)          Oil is very light
               (b)          Of the diffusion of oil through the wick
               (c)           Of the surface tension phenomenon
               (d)          Of the capillary action phenomenon
               Ans:        ( d )        Of the capillary action phenomenon
72.          In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by
               (a)          Oxygen
               (b)          Nitrogen
               (c)           Ozone
               (d)          Helium
               Ans:        ( c )         Ozone
73.          Saccharin is made up of
               (a)          Toluene
               (b)          Phenol
               (c)           Propane
               (d)          Butane
               Ans:        ( c )         Propane
74.          In which of the following cryogenic engines are used?
               (a)          Frost-free refrigerators
               (b)          Sub-marine propulsion
               (c)           Rockets
               (d)          Researches in super conductivity
               Ans:        ( c )         Rockets
75.          PVC is obtained by the polymerization of
               (a)          Propane
               (b)          Vinyl chloride
               (c)           Styrene
               (d)          Acetylene
               Ans:        ( b )        Vinyl chloride
76.          Which variety of glass is heat resistant ?
               (a)          Hard glass
               (b)          Flint glass
               (c)           Pyrex glass
               (d)          Bottle glass
               Ans:        ( c )         Pyrex glass
77.          Generally, what is the colour of emerald?
               (a)          Violet
               (b)          Yellow
               (c)           Deep green
               (d)          Prussion blue
               Ans:        ( c )         Deep green
78.          What is the element required for solar energy conversion?
               (a)          Beryllium
               (b)          Tantalum
               (c)           Silicon
               (d)          Ultra pure carbon
               Ans:        ( c )         Silicon
79.          Potassium permanganate is used for purifying drinking
water, because it
               (a)          Dissolves the impurities of water
               (b)          Is a sterilizing agent
               (c)           Is an oxidizing agent
               (d)          Is a reducing agent
               Ans:        ( c )         Is an oxidizing agent
80.          Which one of the following is a female sex hormone?
               (a)          Estrogen
               (b)          Androgen
               (c)           Oxytocin
               (d)          Insulin
               Ans:        ( a )        Estrogen
81.          The city of ?Tashkent? is located in
               (a)          Uzbekistan
               (b)          Kazakhstan
               (c)           Russia
               (d)          Kyrgystan
               Ans:        ( a )        Uzbekistan
82.          Who was awarded to ICC Awards-2004 for his achievements?
               (a)          Shane Warne
               (b)          Rahul Dravid
               (c)           Brian Lara
               (d)          Andrw Flintoff
               Ans:        ( b )        Rahul Dravid
83.          Where was hundreds of school children of Russia taken
hostage by armed militants?
               (a)          Irkustsk
               (b)          Beslan
               (c)           Moscow
               (d)          Grozny
               Ans:        ( b )        Beslan
84.          What is Apunba Lup ?
               (a)          The apex body of different militant groups leading
agitation against AFSPA in Manipur
               (b)          The Headquarters of the Maoist Group in Nepal
               (c)           Bodoland Liberation Front Chairman
               (d)          A monastery in Arunachal Pradesh
               Ans:        ( a )        The apex body of different militant groups
leading agitation against AFSPA in Manipur
85.          Which city is also known as the ?Big Apple??
               (a)          Madrid, Spain
               (b)          Lausanne, Switzerland
               (c)           Canberra, Australia
               (d)          New York, USA
               Ans:        ( d )        New York, USA
86.          The ?Prakash Utsav? which the Sikhs celebrated on the
1st September 2004 marked the 400th anniversary of what event ?
               (a)          Completion of the construction of the Golden Temple at
               (b)          Establishment of Sikh religion
               (c)           Installation of Guru Granth Sahib at the Golden Temple
               (d)          Worship at Akal Takht
               Ans:        ( c )         Installation of Guru Granth Sahib at the Golden
87.          What is the amount given along with the statuette and
commendation to a Dronacharya award winner?
               (a)          Rs. 10 lakh
               (b)          Rs. 5 lakh
               (c)           Rs. 3 lakh
               (d)          Rs. 1 lakh
               Ans:        ( c )         Rs. 3 lakh
88.          Which town/city in India has got a tower (minaar) named
after Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
               (a)          Mumbai
               (b)          Aligarh
               (c)           Calicut
               (d)          Guntur
               Ans:        ( d )        Guntur
89.          Which country is known as the ?Cockpit of Europe? ?
               (a)          Belgium
               (b)          Switzerland
               (c)           Netherlands
               (d)          Luxembourg
               Ans:        ( a )        Belgium
90.          Where is Tala Hydroelectric project, which is expected
to generate 1020 MW power, located?
               (a)          Arunchal Pradesh
               (b)          Bhutan
               (c)           Nepal
               (d)          Himachal Pradesh
               Ans:        ( b )        Bhutan
91.          Who gifted the ?Statue of Liberty?, standing off the New
York port, to the United States on the first centenary
celebrations of the US?
               (a)          People of New York
               (b)          France
               (c)           Great Britain
               (d)          Germany
               Ans:        ( b )        France
92.          Where in India can you normally spot the Siberian crane
in winter?
               (a)          Sasangir Sanctuary
               (b)          Ranthambore Sanctuary
               (c)           Dachigam National park
               (d)          Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary
               Ans:        ( b )        Ranthambore Sanctuary
93.          Where was ??tancho brocade?? developed?
               (a)          Varanasi
               (b)          Dhaka
               (c)           Surat
               (d)          Tanjavur
               Ans:        ( a )        Varanasi
94.          In which country is Karbala, the holy city of Shia
Muslims located?
               (a)          Iran
               (b)          Iraq
               (c)           Jordan
               (d)          Syria
               Ans:        ( b )        Iraq
95.          Who won the first silver medal for an individual event
at the Olympics for India?
               (a)          Maharaja Karni Singh
               (b)          Wilson Jones
               (c)           Major R.S. Rathore
               (d)          Leander Paes
               Ans:        ( c )         Major R.S. Rathore
96.          What was the name of the space shuttle that landed man
on the moon?
               (a)          Eagle
               (b)          Columbia
               (c)           Challenger
               (d)          Apollo
               Ans:        ( d )        Apollo
97.          Who among the following famous danseuses is not an
exponent of the Odissi Style of dance?
               (a)          Sanjukta Panigrahi
               (b)          Padma Subrahmanyam
               (c)           Sonal Mansingh
               (d)          Madhavi Mudgal
               Ans:        ( b )        Padma Subrahmanyam
98.          Who recently sold 125 of his/her paintings for Rs. 100
crores ?
               (a)          Anjolie Ila Menon
               (b)          F. N. Souza
               (c)           M. F. Hussain
               (d)          Manjit Bawa
               Ans:        ( c )         M. F. Hussain
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